What is TournReg.Net?

TournReg.Net is a FREE, VOLUNTEER online registration hosting service open to any IGBO tournament needing this technology. We host over 30 IGBO regional, mid-year, and annual tournament online registration instances. All your tournament needs is a business Pay Pal account. If you hire us, we become an extension of your respective tournament committee. We can customize entry forms, rules, payment processes, and reports to your tournament’s unique needs. Not all requests may be possible within the current shared framework. In such cases we will work with you as best we can.

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Why use TournReg.Net?
Who should use TournReg.Net?
How TournReg.Net works?

TournReg.Net is NOT managed nor under the direct authority of the IGBO board. We are NOT an automatic, contracted benefit of IGBO membership. We operate solely at the discretion of each member tournament that chooses to use our service. We also have the right to refuse service at any time.

Why use TournReg.Net?
The TournReg.Net online registration notifies your committee officials
immediately when someone registers and pays their entry online. We also
offer an online administration dashboard packed full of reports
including registrant lists, entry detail, and payment logs. The admin
dashboard tracks demographics needed to pre-manage your tournament before
the event takes place. Finally, online registration data can be
imported (if requested) into IGBO-TS weeks before your tournament
starts. No more hand-typing from paper entries with scribbled bowler
names, address, averages, optional event selections, and team order
requests. Data entry is done for you by the bowlers themselves and
imported into IGBO-TS when you are ready (if you request this service).

Our online registration system validates each entry to ensure each
bowler does not miss required information – eliminating paper entry
errors and missed information. You no longer have mailing/postage costs,
paper entry printing costs, etc. Final Confirmations with shift
assignments, registration check-in information, hotel directions, and
tournament entering average can be sent via email from IGBO-TS to
registered bowlers. Again, all this is done online and electronically!

Who should use TournReg.Net?
Anyone with basic HTML and database knowledge can create an online
registration form for their tournament. Our service is intended for
those tournaments that do not have the technical or financial resources
to develop a complex online registration system. Tournaments that do use
our system gain all the functionality entered over the years from other
tournaments. The underlying framework is constantly updated. The
TournReg.Net feature list grows every day.

How TournReg.Net works?
Your respective, official tournament web site posts a “Register Online”
link that points to your events own TournReg.Net registration mini-site.
The complete registration service is hosted on TournReg.net alongside
other tournament registration systems. We maintain your mini-site,
address web errors, maintain the data collected, and notify you when
people register or pay online. Our site includes its own SSL Secure
Certificate to ensure data encryption and user privacy. Questions
registrants have about your tournament are directed to your committee to
address or respond officially.

Get started using TournReg.Net

For more information, please contact webmaster@tournreg.net

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