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TournReg is free for you, but not for us. Maintaining and improving web systems not only costs a lot of time, but money too. For example, there are hosting/domain costs, data costs, development tool costs, and more. Consider how TournReg reduces your tournament’s printing cost savings, implements automated payment processing, and saves valuable data entry time. If TournReg proves useful to your tournament, we would be glad to receive some appreciation in return.

See below to learn about different ways to say “Thank you” to TournReg system and support its development. A suggested amount is $0.50 per bowler registered. However, any amount is greatly appreciat​ed.

Suggested Donation Methods

Tournament Free Entries: Consider setting aside a free entry to your tournament for me.

Pay Pal Donation: Your direct payment will pay for costs now. $10 pays for 2 days of hosting; $25 pays for 30% of monthly Internet connection fees; and $50 pays for 5% of Development Software licenses.

Donation Options

Amazon Wish List: Purchase gift cards or development books needed.

Flattr: Flattr is a nice way to give back to open source developers, bloggers, artists, and all other people trying to make the world a better place. Flattr is based on micropayments.

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