Legacy Process to Get Started (No Longer Available)

To get your tournament registration site live, please contact webmaster@tournreg.net at least four (4) months prior to your tournament start date. For example, if your tournament starts 11/14/21, you must submit your tournament information to us by 07/14/21. This ensures your registration goes live three (3) months prior to your event—typical tournament open registration time period.

Sites are developed once we have all your event information in hand. The later you wait, the greater chance you could loose valuable bowler participation.

Important: We assume your local tournament web site is currently live with accurate tournament information including rules, schedule, fees, and contacts. Your tournament site must be live and complete before an online registration system launches. Our registration system links back to your local site in multiple areas.

Please email the following to webmaster@tournreg.net:

  • Final, complete tournament rules, average divisions. (Do not send unapproved rule drafts.)
  • Fee list for all events and options as well as late fee or early bird discount amounts and dates. (This should include entry fee, optional scratch fee, scratch masters fee(s), guest pass fee, transportation fee, and so on.)
  • Online Processing Fee (free, $3.00, or higher) (This covers Pay Pal transaction fees.)
  • Let us know if you will only accept online credit card payments or if you will also accept manual (mailed in) payments with online entries.
  • Complete tournament event and shift schedule.
  • Co-director complete names and email addresses.
  • Email addresses for all administrative notices (entry coordinators, stats, average verification, treasurer, etc.)
  • Free entry discount codes and certificate IDs (if tracked)
  • Banquet meal options (if plated service – for example, Beef, Chicken, Fish, Vegetarian)
  • Tournament Web site links and official tournament logo or theme image.
  • PayPal Business Account Primary User ID. (Your account must have PayPal’s “Verified” status. We can provide help with this, if needed. For security reasons, do not send your PayPal account password. We do not need or want it.)
  • Official tournament mailing address for bowlers to send documents (or certified funds if not paying online by credit card). Typically this is a PO box. This is needed for those that cannot email scanned documents.
  • If selling tournament logo shirts online, provide sizes offered and fees for each size. (We cannot provide color options at this time.)
  • Any custom field requests or unique options to track.

Once we have the above information in hand, your online tournament registration system will be developed and ready for review in as few as 10-14 days. Delivery is based on first-come, first-serve basis regardless of the date of your event. Development time depends on the number of tournaments ahead of yours in the request list. We do not rush site development requests submitted late by tournaments that procrastinate logistics and planning.

Each tournament committee is required to participate in a review phase before registration goes live. Site reviews last a minimum of 4 days. Your team must test the system to ensure your tournament’s unique rules are followed and content is accurate.

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