Online Tournament Registration Form Guidelines

Online registration has become a mainstream necessity for many tournament in modern times. Gone are the days of manual paper entries or even PDF dynamic forms. Bowlers prefer online accessibility of registration process and instant notification or confirmation that the tournament received their entry.

This guide will help introduce the concept of Online Registration Form system, present basic requirements, and list components to consider when developing your system.

This guide not intended to be a step-by-step document. There are too many ways to develop an online registration system. There are many paths  lead you to the same end solution. This document will present all the necessary components, functional requerments,  and specific  data to collect. How you implement it or manage the data is entire up to you and your available resources.


How-To Guide to Import Online Registration Data into IGBO-TS

Once you develop your online registration system you may want the ability to import online data into IGBO-TS. I am writing a step-b- step guide on this process. It will include how to import Bowlers into IGBO-TS, XML format for the import, sample, XML, and field definitions.

The IGBO-TS Import document will be available June 1, 2015

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