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TournReg Unaffected by HeartBleed SSL Bug

TournReg bowlers and tournament officials are not affected. does not use OpenSSL, the popular data encryption standard, which was vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug you may have read or heard about recently.

To confirm that you are safe from this bug, visit a 3rd party checker such as at Enter for the website. Notice we use a Windows-based host server without OpenSSL. We use a valid, verifiable SSL certificate to protect transactions/entries submitted at the TournReg site. Feel free to use this checker tool for other sites if you want.

Admin Site Dashboard Updates

Revised Admin Security
Tournament officials now have restricted access to the TournReg admin console for their respective online registration site. Each event admin site contains a dashboard of all registration data entered online. Updates for each revised, secure admin site will be distributed to all tournament registration officials currently live shortly via committee email. Please check with your respective tournament directors for more information.

Admin Site Availability – Post Tournament
Your admin site and data will be disabled (inaccessible) about a month after your tournament event. This gives you enough time for audit needs. Requests can be made to revive the admin site data for a brief period of time if needed.

TournReg Is One Year Old and Has Its Own News and Information Center

TournReg, a hosting service provider for IGBO bowling tournament online registration systems, is celebrating its first year anniversary. Officially started in April 2012, TournReg became a FREE, volunteer-run, separate entity. We support IGBO tournament committees that need a robust, feature-rich online registration system. Anyone with HTML and Web knowledge can develop a simple registration system for their local bowling tournaments. Our service is designed specifically for those that do not have the web technology know-how to set up their own system. PLUS, our system can import registration data into IGBO-TS upon request. Continue reading TournReg Is One Year Old and Has Its Own News and Information Center