[Resolved] TournReg Multi-Bowler Form Unavailable/Down for Maintenance

Wednesday, December 17, 2014: Yesterday’s move to a new, upgraded server initiated by our hosting service introduced a new problem. The multi-bowler registration form  (team form) receives a server error (“Bad Request”) on submit. Additional server updates are required by the hosting team for the form to work as it did before. I have a ticket with the hosting team and escalated the issue.

In the meantime bowlers can register one at a time, submit, and pay as before. You can add comments to your entry on who will be bowling with you, team order preference and doubles partner preference.  I disabled the multi-bowler form access while this issue is being addressed.

This issue is temporary. I expect it to be addressed within the next 3-4 days due to its complexity.

Update: Thursday, December 18, 2014 The Hosting service completed the server setting change to allow user forms to post 400 or more fields. The multi-bowler form, which is huge,  now works as before. 


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