[Resolved] TournReg Multi-Bowler Form Unavailable/Down for Maintenance

Wednesday, December 17, 2014: Yesterday’s move to a new, upgraded server initiated by our hosting service introduced a new problem. The multi-bowler registration form  (team form) receives a server error (“Bad Request”) on submit. Additional server updates are required by the hosting team for the form to work as it did before. I have a ticket with the hosting team and escalated the issue.

In the meantime bowlers can register one at a time, submit, and pay as before. You can add comments to your entry on who will be bowling with you, team order preference and doubles partner preference.  I disabled the multi-bowler form access while this issue is being addressed.

This issue is temporary. I expect it to be addressed within the next 3-4 days due to its complexity.

Update: Thursday, December 18, 2014 The Hosting service completed the server setting change to allow user forms to post 400 or more fields. The multi-bowler form, which is huge,  now works as before. 


[RESOLVED] TournReg.Net servers undergoing maintenance – Unplanned outage

Gearhhost, our TournReg hosting service, is rebuilding legacy GearPanel servers after an unplanned outage that occurred earlier today (Monday, 12/15) around 1:30 PM eastern. There were also spot outages over the weekend. They expect to have services restored system-wide within the next 24 hours. This outage impacts all their accounts on the GearPanel servers, not just TournReg. I escalated my support ticket with them. Gearhost server outages are rare. In fact I have a separate alert service (not Gearhost) pinging our servers regularly. TournReg has a monthly up-time rating of 99.8% consistently for the past two years.

I am very confident they will have services back up in next day or so. I apologize for this inconvenience. I use a shared hosting account, so these events are unavoidable. If I had more money, I would pay for a dedicated server. 🙂

UPDATE as of 12/16/2015 11 AM ET: Gearhost is near completion of rebuilding the server cluster for their “legacy” shared hosting accounts. (Their newer cloud servers were not impacted by this infrastructure change.) Once completed, they will migrate TournReg site code to the new server cluster. They expect this to occur later today or tonight. After the site migration is complete, I will test the site and let everyone know when we are back to normal operations.

UPDATE as of 12/16/2015 7 PM ET: Gearhost completed the TournReg server migration. We are now on a new Windows 2012 server. All site operations are back to normal including web, data, and email services. Total downtime was 29 hours. Alert monitoring remains in place.