TournReg Is One Year Old and Has Its Own News and Information Center

TournReg, a hosting service provider for IGBO bowling tournament online registration systems, is celebrating its first year anniversary. Officially started in April 2012, TournReg became a FREE, volunteer-run, separate entity. We support IGBO tournament committees that need a robust, feature-rich online registration system. Anyone with HTML and Web knowledge can develop a simple registration system for their local bowling tournaments. Our service is designed specifically for those that do not have the web technology know-how to set up their own system. PLUS, our system can import registration data into IGBO-TS upon request.

Our first registration service started as It adapted all previous online registration systems hosted on, before a recent server move and design change. Today, TournReg.Net ( a.k.a.,TournReg 1.0 ) currently hosts over 30 IGBO tournament online registration systems. It uses a common framework and template system that allows each tournament to have customized input forms, unique event rules, payment processes via PayPal, and an admin dashboard with over 20 data reports.

Technically, the TournReg framework started in 2004 as an online registration system for Dixie Invitational Bowling Tournament.This system improved over the years, and it was used for the IGBO 2008 Annual Bowling Tournament in Atlanta. Shorty afterwards the templates and databases were offered to other bowling tournaments as a free service.

Today the TournReg system celebrates its “official” first-year anniversary by introducing new online presence that will expand our service.

  • NEW! Information Website: This new site will serve as our the official TournReg News and Information Center. It will include how-to articles, new feature announcements, and general system status.
  • NEW! FaceBook Page: This area will server as a online collaborative area to lean about new updates and interact with other users. Please go this page and “Like” us when you can.
  • NEW! Twitter Feed: or @TournReg. Follow us and learn instantly about new updates and system status via your mobile devices.

We have more exciting news to share with you in the coming months including the announcement of TournReg 2.0 soon to be hosted on Please stay tuned!

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